Vintage Cruises: River Cruise vs. Ocean Cruise

Over the years, our agency has won a loyal following of food connoisseurs and oenophiles. Not only do we base our travel recommendations on our clients’ accommodation, destination, sightseeing and activity preferences but we make note of their taste in food and drink (especially wine, beer, whisky, and coffee.) So when we recently met with members of a local Taster’s Guild to plan a fall European vacation, we knew that wine-theme cruises would have special allure.

AmaWaterways Wine Cruises Through Europe
Discover the epicurean side of Europe

This year the wine-themed cruise options are more extensive than ever. Both ocean cruises and river cruises offer itineraries that focus on wine throughout the sailing. Here are several opportunities we presented to our clients:

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Italy: Piedmont Walking Tour vs. Venice and Po River Cruise

Recently, long-time clients made an appointment to talk about their 2013 vacation plans. They narrowed their destination choice to another visit to Italy which has been one of their favorite trips in the past. This time, they have decided to focus on one area for an in-depth experience. While being active is important during the day, comfort with upscale amenities is a critical lodging criterion. As self-proclaimed foodies, the vacation must allocate time to explore the culinary delights of the region. Of course, the itinerary possibilities are endless, but they were thrilled when I presented the following two options:

Piedmont, Italy Guided Walking Tour

Beginning and ending in Turin, the Capital of the Alps, this tour features easy walking through gently sloping countryside past medieval castles and walled villages. Here, in the origin of the Slow Food movement, guests will take pleasure in epicurean meals made with local delicacies. Distinguished lodging in a 17th-century farmhouse, a tastefully restored villa, and a once royal estate provide rest and relaxation.

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