Cruising For Families With Autism

Royal Caribbean now offers special programs for families with autism and is the first cruise line to earn “Autism Friendly” certification.

Royal Caribbean is the first cruise line to offer Autism Friendly  sailings
Royal Caribbean is the first cruise line to offer Autism Friendly sailings

Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD) is a developmental disability, considered to be the result of a neurological condition that affects normal brain function, development and social interaction.

Autism is characterized by:
• Impaired social interaction
• Problems with communication, both verbal and non-verbal
• Unusual, repetitive or multiple limited activities and interests
These behaviors can range from mild to severe.

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Autism Friendly means being aware of social engagement and environmental factors affecting people on the autism spectrum, adapting communication methods and physical space to better suit an individual’s unique needs.

Autism Friendly Cruise Line
• Royal Caribbean International® is the first cruise line to be certified as “Autism Friendly” by Autism on the SeasTM.
• Autism Friendly Certification recognizes efforts to make sure products and services are accessible for autistic guests.
• In addition to existing services, they have added new Autism Friendly features including Autism Friendly Films and Activities, Toy Lending and a Cruising Social Story.

There are no fees associated with these features.

They currently provide a wide range of Autism Friendly products and services, including:

• Priority check-in, boarding and departure
• Special dietary offerings including gluten-free options
• Adventure Ocean flexible age grouping
• Adventure Ocean toilet-trained policy exception
• Pagers for parents of children in Adventure Ocean

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Key Features of the Program

• Royal Caribbean provides a true family vacation experience – an option that families with autism may not have considered because of their specific needs.
• Families with autism sailing on Autism Friendly Certified ships can be confident that they have products and services that will help accommodate their family members with autism.
• Children with autism can enjoy our Adventure Ocean Program with Autism Friendly features such as films, toys, and activities. Soon, they will also be able to provide staff who are specially trained to work with autism.
• Caregivers can enjoy a break, as the Adventure Ocean Program offers an opportunity for respite care.
• Royal Caribbean’s unique products provide an opportunity for families to do things together, with Autism Friendly products and services for kids, teens and adults alike.

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