Danube River Cruise Highlights

Many of you have never taken a river cruise, are curious to try one, and ask me which itinerary is best for first-timers. Of course, I’ve loved them all but I often suggest the one I started with in Europe: the Danube River. Clients who love history, architecture, art, and diverse cultures are going to love a cruise down the Danube. Blending Eastern and Western Europe, you can look forward to seeing ancient cities and Roman ruins, enjoy outstanding cuisine, wine and beer, and encountering eclectic experiences.

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Romantic Danube Itinerary from Viking River Cruises
During this 8-day journey, encounter the grand cities and quaint villages along the celebrated Danube River. Explore both sides of Hungary’s capital, traditional, hilly Buda and cosmopolitan Pest. Witness Vienna’s imperial architecture and tour medieval towns in Austria’s Wachau Valley. Savor the tastes of authentic dishes, learn about local legends and understand why Strauss immortalized the “Blue Danube” in his waltz.

Cafe Demel, Vienna’s famed coffeehouse
While visiting Vienna with Viking River Cruises, enjoy a leisurely stop at one of the city’s famed coffeehouses. The Demel has been creating delicious treats for over 200 years; choose from cream cakes, tea scones, apple strudels, Sacher tortes and cakes. Sip your coffee, enjoy a sweet treat, and indulge in the company of great friends and a beautiful café!

Vienna’s Famed Lipizzaner Stallions
Go backstage at Vienna’s famous Spanish riding school and discovers a world of elegance, discipline and remarkable skill. It’s the world of the Lipizzaner Stallions!

Nuremberg Trials
In 1945 at Nuremberg’s Hall of Justice, allied powers gathered seeking accountability. Today Courtroom 600 is one of the most visited sites in the city. Learn about the historic war crimes tribunals that took place here as the entire world looked on —and consider seeing Courtroom 600 for yourself.

Explore More: Budapest, Hungary
Budapest, once hidden behind the iron curtain, is a delight for the senses. Known as the “Pearl of the Danube”, the city of Budapest is renowned for its beauty. Highlighting five of Budapest’s most popular attractions, take a quick tour through this magnificent city.

Cooking: Goulash with Agnes
Gather fresh ingredients in the Budapest Great Market Hall and then prepare a traditional Hungarian dish, hearty goulash.

Cooking: Wienerschnitzel with Toni Morwald
Master chef Toni Mörwald is Austria’s most recognized chef. He learned from numerous grand chefs around the world, and at the age of 22 was awarded his first Gaultet Millau toque. Chef Mörwald is the proprietor of Michelin-starred restaurants, hotels and a catering business. He has dedicated himself to the training of more than 300 professional chefs, many of whom who hold the top jobs in some of the world’s finest restaurants. Watch as he shares his kitchen with Viking Cruises® Sr. Vice President Karine Hagen and shows how to prepare wiener schnitzel, the national dish of Austria. He begins by slicing the veal and lightly pounding veal cutlets flat. He then adds salt, pepper and sunflower oil. The cutlets are dusted with flour, dipped in egg, placed in breadcrumbs and browned to perfection. Chef Mörwald adds parsley-buttered potatoes and a lemon slice to complete the presentation. In the hands of a master chef, the signature specialty of Viennese cuisine is ready to be enjoyed in just five minutes. Viking Cruises itineraries are thoughtfully developed to immerse you in the cuisine of each destination so you can learn about different cultures through food. And Viking Cruises chefs feature regional cuisine and always available American classics in multi-course meals.

Cooking: Bratwurst with Tom Schmechtig
Learn about the variety of German cuisine including sausages, pretzels and more.

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