Tours of your Bookshelf

You’ve read the books, enjoyed the movies, and may even have the DVDs, but have you ever thought of using Agatha Christie, Inspector Morse, Jane Austen, William Shakespeare, Beatrix Potter, Charles Dickens and other popular British authors, poets and playwrights as the focus for literary tours to Britain? Many of you have spent evenings glued to the latest Masterpiece Theatre production. You may belong to reading circles, support the local library, teach English literature and are waiting for us to turn fiction into fact with tour suggestion. The Bronte Sisters, William Wordsworth, Catherine Cookson, James Herriot, Bram Stoker, Lewis Carroll. . .aaaaaaah, the possibilities.

Novels, history, biography, thrillers, politics, art, adventure, science, drama, music, poetry… if it’s between two covers you’ll find it in England. The secret to a captivating U.K.-bound special interest literary tour is the quality and variety of the value-added special details that can be included in each program.

London Double Decker Bus

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