The Gathering. . . Ireland 2013

Make a date with Ireland in 2013. The Irish have contributed so much to the world with their culture, myths and literature, music, dance, and more. To pay tribute to the country and her people, past and present, Ireland has put together “The Gathering,” a year-long celebration with hundreds of festivals and events across the island. Whether you are Irish born, Irish bred, or Irish in spirit, there is no better time to visit the Emerald Isle. DISCOVER Ireland’s culture and heritage. RECONNECT with its people. CELEBRATE Ireland’s impact on the world.

You never need an invitation to visit Ireland, but for those seeking the perfect moment, The Gathering offers a year’s work of golden opportu­nities for foodies and culture-vultures alike.

Here’s a package to savor:

Galway Oyster Festival

7 Days/6 Nights from $995 USD Per Person

For arrivals on September 26-27 in Dublin only

Oyster Festival

Galway comes alive with seafood & oysters as it celebrates the Galway International Oyster & Seafood Festival, the most internationally recognized food festival in Ireland and the world’s longest running International Oyster Festival. Start off in Dublin with a bit of whiskey. You can add other options while in Dublin, before heading by car to Galway. Continue reading The Gathering. . . Ireland 2013