How To Get The Best Value For Your Travel Experience

It’s been said that travel agents are part financial adviser and part golf caddy. Why?

Personal finances are critical to all of us, especially now! With the right relationship, we fully entrust the placement of our funds to financial advisers. Travel is the most frequent high ticket expenditure consumers make, meaning you put your trust in travel professionals. The trust factor is what enables you to validate a sizable travel purchase, similar to a financial investment.

Golf caddies are very much like travel professionals. Those with strong, long term relationships make recommendations based on their player’s historical ability to hit specific shots with a club the player is most comfortable using. Their job is to ultimately make suggestions the player can select from.

As travel agents, we guide our loyal clients through the maze of travel alternatives by listening, by understanding your travel goals and aspirations at each “life stage,” and knowing your travel “hot buttons” when you seek advice and counsel for travel options before making a final decision.

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